Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Macrame, 2010.

Macrame worn by Feral @ Love Box, 2010.


Rogers said...

I am looking for designer clothes made out of hemp fabrics?Do U have any idea How to macrame patterns used for making these clothes?

Jay Matthews said...

I create the patterns myself. You are welcome to commission me to make design some patterns and instructions for you.
Contact me via email

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Clint Catalyst said...

You. Are. B R I L L I A N T !

For what it's worth
[ or perhaps isn't? ] : "stumbled" upon this image and plan on uploading it to my tumblr [ if not elsewhere, also . . . ]

Of course, I'll link & provide attribution. [ You know, that common courtesy far too often
" overlooked "? Yeah. . . Yeah, big advocate of the obvious : right here. ]

All the more so, massive advocate of the news I just read :

For your soul more than anything/anyone else, you should be creating art--of that, I am most certain.

Welcome back, you wildly talented individual.

Welcome back, &
Thanks for sharing.

With Much
Inspiration & Admiration,

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